Day One – Renos!#GettingReadyForSale

So I dropped by the project on Charlotte in Sandy Hill on Friday to see how the guys were making out.

The place looks amazing – it is so much brighter with the light grey paint, it’s incredible. Taking down the heavy forest green coloured drapes made a huge difference as well. And I am very happy to see the back end of that peach that was everywhere on the main level including the kitchen.

As always, I made a few tweaks on the spot. There was a very outdated cupboard in the main floor powder room that I asked Chad, the contractor, to have the guys remove. It took up a lot of space in a very small room and was going to be awkward to paint around; it’s gone.

There was another one in the lower level family room that blocked the flow and took up an entire  wall for no reason; that’s now gone too.

I didn’t like the black colour we chose for the upper railings; we all agreed that despite the paint deck, which made it appear to be a deep dark black, it looked more like charcoal, so Josh and Ryan, the painters, will get the paint store to make the colour darker and richer.  They’re also going to pick up some heat-resistant black paint for me and I’ll paint out the brass on the fireplace which is quite discoloured.

Here’s the dining/living room with a first coat of Benjamin Moore Intense White (which is really a lovely silver grey). Before and after:

And here’s the first coat going up in the kitchen, which was that dark peach colour I mentioned. We will paint the mantel over the fireplace white; I have a couple of different fire screens  to choose from to put in front of it. (One’s a brass peacock screen I’ve had for decades; the other is more clean lined and classic.) There’s a black fitted metal blind that will be re-hung in the window next to the cupboards.


And here’s Josh, below, who was painting all the beautiful crown moulding. Ryan wouldn’t let me take his picture (he’s a little shy) but they are a great pair. (Let me know if you are looking for great painters; I’m happy to refer them!)


Josh and Ryan will work through the weekend and hope to have things done by Tuesday. I’ll hit SmartChoice furniture rental tomorrow and get my furniture order confirmed for delivery, hopefully this week.

Once this property is staged, it’s going to look pretty amazing. I’ll keep you posted!


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