Getting an older home ready for sale!

I’m working to get a great three bedroom/ two bath townhouse in Sandy Hill ready for sale. We  expect to get all the work done next week so I can get this lovely spot on the market. It’s got great bones — beautiful plasterwork, spindle stair case, 9’6″ high ceilings etc.–  but it needs a little help showing them off.

I met this morning with my go-to guy, Chad Patrick, who is a plumber and general contractor (he worked on my investment condo). He brought his painters, Josh and Ryan, with him. What this home needs most of all is a coat of paint. But there are also a few small drywall repairs and closet doors that need to be rehung properly and curtains I want taken down.

The very first thing I did when I walked in the door today was to remove the heavy fabric shades that were perched on every bulb in the chandalier light fixture. That not only made the fixture look more modern  but it gave us considerably more light. (Those are the small fabric shades on the floor. )


The property has beautiful dark oak hardwood floors throughout and it’s in pristine condition. The combined living/dining room also has  a lovely little nook with a window that I haven’t decided yet how to stage. Perhaps a small desk? Or maybe a plant table? Look at the plaster medallion above the light – that’s original!


We’re going to paint the wood railing on this gorgeous spindle stair case a soft black because the wood is quite worn and it’s such a beautiful feature. It will look amazing!dscn1669

Upstairs, there are three bedrooms. The closet doors in the MBR will be painted white and the walls (here and throughout)  will be painted “Intense White” by Benjamin Moore, which is actually a  warm light grey. All the curtains are coming down; this is about bringing light inside,  as much as we can get.


We’re not going to do much in the bathroom; paint it, of course, give it a good clean. And of course, I’ll stage it with a shower curtain and some accessories. But this is an estate situation, so I don’t want to run up costs changing light fixtures; I don’t think we need to.



Here’s an example of  the Benjamin Moore paint colour I’ve chosen (Intense White)   in this beautiful room designed by Greenville Interiors. I think it works beautifully with the white trim, the dark hardwood floors and the high ceilings. It should be great!


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