Two Professional Landmarks! #PresidentsGold #ProfessionalStandards

I’m very pleased to have achieved two of my professional landmarks this year: I hit the President’s Gold level at Royal LePage  for the first time, and I’ve just been informed that I have been appointed to the Ottawa Real Estate Board’s Professional Standards Committee.

Those of you who follow my blog know how important professional standards are to me.In my 30+ years as a lawyer, I was very proud of the fact that I was never once reported to the Law Society in either of the provinces where I practised (Ontario/Alberta).

I try to bring that same sense of integrity to my real estate career — that’s one of the reasons I write so often in this blog about things like disclosure and the ethical rules we are supposed to follow. Ethical decisions are not always black and white; I’ve had some very interesting discussions with colleagues and clients over the years about the appropriate way to respond to challenging situations. I’ve been blessed in that sense to work in an office where integrity and professional standards are top of mind.

I’m very much looking forward to participating in the Professional Standards Committee for the entire board now. One of the core values of the Ottawa Real Estate Board is Professionalism and another is Integrity and Ethical Practice, so these are all areas where I hope to both learn and share my knowledge and experience.

As for the President’s Gold Award, I have to thank my clients and friends for my referrals –I couldn’t have achieved that without you. So glad that in 2016, so many of my clients started out as strangers and ended up as friends!

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