What a difference a new light makes!

I am in the process of getting my own home ready to sell in the spring, so I’m doing all the little touches to help update it.I loved my old dining room light fixture, which was a heavy, stained glass fixture I bought in the 1980s when I purchased my dining room set, but I somehow doubted buyers would feel the same way.

These days, bubble pendant chandeliers with silk shades are all the rage, so I picked up one at Home Depot at the crazy price of $ 199. (They are over $ 300 at Living Lighting and more elsewhere, although you can find them on e-Bay for around $ 250.) Hanging all those little glass pendants is finicky and some were missing hangers, or were the wrong lengths, but Artika, the manufacturer, was wonderful to deal with (they’re in Laval) and couriered all the missing parts to me within a couple of days at their expense.

I had my wonderful electrician, Mark Dods, over to hang it for me while he was updating my light switches to Decora, and my go-to-guy, Brent Patrick (brother of Chad Patrick, my equally wonderful plumber) came over to hang curtain rods for me to complete the room. Here’s the before:


And here’s the after:



The new drapes, by the way, were $ 24.99 at HomeSense and match the wall colour almost perfectly. The brushed nickel curtain rods (I installed another one in the living room, with Brent’s help) were $ 29.99 each. So all in all, a remarkable transformation for only a few hundred dollars.

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