Decorating like the pros- Part 2!

My last post showed some of the furniture and lighting choices I’d make if I was decorating my clients’ new home to look like the model home they loved so much. Those were all inexpensive fixes — paint, drapes, lights etc.

But they also loved the ceramic tile in the new model home eat-in area, and the backsplash in the kitchen. Unfortunately, those are more expensive fixes, but not as expensive as you might think.

Here’s what I found to replace the vinyl flooring in their new kitchen: this is the same tile they loved in the model home. (We can probably find something like it in Ottawa; I just wasn’t able to do so in an on-line search for charcoal coloured tile in that size.) It’s 12 x 24″  set in a staggered pattern. Really sophisticated and smart.


It costs $ 6.49 USD per square foot.  I would think that, with installation, they are looking at around $ 1,500 for the size of their kitchen and eat-in area, but that upgrade will add to the value of their home for sure.


And here is the backsplash I’d like to see  instead of the dark brown, matte finish, tiles that are there currently. I think a stacked pattern like the one below would work beautifully.


At  $ 9.97 per square foot, these tiles are actually less expensive than glass mosaic. It’s a small space so I would guess it would cost $ 1,000 installed. But with the blue wall colours I’ve picked out, and their dark brown hardwood and white/dark brown wood cupboards, and the drapes and other finishes (see some below, and my previous post), it would be absolutely lovely!

Here’s my overall budget, based on the selections here and in my last post (HST extra but labour included):

Main floor paint and stairwell – Benjamin Moore Palladian blue – $ 2,000.

12 x 24″ ceramic charcoal grey floor tiles in eat-in area and kitchen – $ 1,500.

Glass tile backsplash  $ 1,000.00

Kitchen drapes – $ 40.

Sofa, love seat, and chair, charcoal grey, in custom upholstery – $ 1400

Cream coloured area carpet (shag) – $ 250.

Scatter cushions – $ 100.

Lighting (dining area chandalier and kitchen drum pendant) – $ 350.

Round glass table for eat-in area – $ 450

Upholstered Parsons chairs (4) for eat-in area – $ 560.

Cream coloured leather bar stools (2) – $ 230.

New York style wood/iron dining room table – $950.

Upholstered chairs (4) for dining room table – $ 560.

Sunburst mirror – $ 125.

Artwork – $35.

Delivery charges – $ 200.

Total: $ 9,750.00

Not bad to transform a house into a model home!



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