Decorating like the pros! Getting the look of a model home without the price.

I took clients to see a Richcraft model home last week – it was absolutely beautiful and they fell in love with the decor. As it turned out, they ended up buying a different home that was bigger and in a better location for their young daughter. The finishes in the new home are not quite the same as the ones in the model home but those are things we can fix, and it  doesn’t have to be expensive.

The model home had light blue walls and charcoal grey floor tiles, which worked beautifully with its dark brown kitchen cabinets and light coloured birch hardwood floors. The palette was based on those colours as well as cream, the colour of the quartz counters.  I decided to go out and see if I could replicate the overall look with high quality bargains, keeping in mind that my clients’ new  home is open concept which means the main floor decor has to be cohesive.

My clients’ new home has some white cabinets, some dark brown ones, and dark brown hardwood floors. I picked out Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue, which will work well with those, and also with the lighter beige vinyl flooring in their new  kitchen and eat-in area. Here’s the colour:


I was able to find the same two gorgeous light fixtures we liked in the model home. The one below was in the eat-in area  and that’s where I’d put it; it actually has a similar pattern to the pendant lights over the kitchen counter in my clients’ new home.  It’s from Hampton Bay,  and only $ 60 at Home Depot.


The second light fixture (below, left) was in the  model home’s formal dining room.  I found it on e-Bay for $ 229 US but I  also found the same light on Kijiji for $ 125, which seems like a real bargain, if you’re anywhere near Burlington.




For my client’s dining room area, I love this New York solid wood dining room table at Total Home Consignment – it’s absolutely stunning and priced at $ 949. I’d find four nice upholstered chairs to go with it, but lose the bench. (These four chairs were already sold when I was there, but I’d look for something similar). What a gorgeous table with those black iron legs! Every room should have a bit of black in it to ground the space.



The model home had a lovely  sofa on a light coloured area rug. Total Home Consignment had two sofa sets I loved that are both classic  designs and really comfortable. The first is a single sofa, below, which comes upholstered in a choice of three colours . It takes five weeks to do the custom order and Total Home can arrange delivery. I liked the charcoal, which I think would wear really well.

The second one is a three piece set at a great price for a sofa, loveseat and chair, again, I’d likely go with the grey, but a light beige would be nice too.

Now, I wouldn’t use the cushions that come with these sofas, I’d go with something far more interesting. This down cushion, for example,  ($ 40 at HomeSense) has real heft and is super comfortable. I’d find something in silk or velvet to go with it, probably  in cream or light blue or light grey, for that luxurious look my clients loved. The colours in this cushion would determine my palette: charcoal, blue, light grey, beige, and white.



For the area rug, I’d choose either a plain cream coloured shag rug or this grey and cream patterned rug (below, both at HomeSense, about 8′ x 10′ each, for under $ 300) to ground the seating area.

Then, to tie my kitchen to my living space, I might add a nice drapery like this one from HomeSense (around $ 40 for two panels, 96″ long) either to the living room or the eat-in area. Or, I might use this drapery in another room, so that the colour scheme is carried throughout the house.


For the eat-in kitchen, I’d pick up one of the beautiful  round glass tables at Total Home Consignment and buy a set of four  upholstered Parsons chairs to go with it,  either there or at HomeSense.  The inventory in both places changes daily.

I’d look for a light grey or maybe even a small pattern.There was a very nice pair at HomeSense in a small grey/cream herring bone that was gorgeous, but only two, and we’d need four, which means checking all the stores in the Ottawa region to try to track two more down. Well worth it, though, when the chairs are only $ 139 each. The glass tables are around $ 400-450.

I’d add two bar stools (cream leather, $ 230 for the pair at Total Home Consignment) to tuck under the beautiful quartz  counter overhang; I like the leather because it will wear well. kippen-bar-stools

And finally,  I’d pick up a nice painting  like this one at HomeSense, (below left, $ 35) and this beautiful 36″ starburst mirror from Total Home Consignment ($ 125, below right). I’d find a spot for that mirror somewhere either in the dining room or the eat-in kitchen, because it’s stunning.

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