Is the warranty on a new A/C transferable to a new owner? Better find out.

Well, I learned something surprising today. I had a quote provided to me for a new air conditioner. I’m thinking of selling my house next year, and the old one is definitely not a selling feature; it works fine but it was already installed when I bought my home back in 1992.

I had a reputable company with a great reputation send someone over to give me a quote. Things were going really well. Ten year warranty on parts and labour, good product, fall reduction on price and installation, and $ 400 federal cash rebate on the model I was looking at.

Then  I asked if the warranty was transferable to a new owner. “No,” the salesman said and my jaw dropped. No?

“You mean the warranty is no good even if the A/C is only a few months old when I sell my house?” I asked.

“That’s right,” he said. “The manufacturer used to give warranties that transferred on resale but now they don’t.”

Which makes no sense to me at all. There’s no point in purchasing a new A/C that could break down the day after I sell my house and not be covered for parts or labour, no matter how good the product.  I’m a realtor; I see lots of name brand appliances that stop working shortly after a property changes hands.

I had no idea that a manufacturer would make the warranty on a fixture personal to the home owner instead of the house. (It’s kind of like making the roof warranty on shingles personal  to the owner instead of going with the house; what are you supposed to do if you sell, take them with you? *Headshake*)

So before you buy a new air conditioning unit, be sure to ask the salesman if the warranty is transferable to a new owner if you sell your home. If it isn’t, that means the warranty  only lasts as long as you plan to stay in your house, which can be considerably less than the warranty period you’ve paid for. Who knew?

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