Renovating an investment condo – Day 24 – FINISHED!

My investment condo is finished and I think it’s an amazing transformation. The room that is most changed, I have to say, is the laundry room. That’s the one that had all the crazy venting, electrical  and plumbing issues. Here’s the before:

And here’s the after:


The bathroom is another room I’m very proud of. We went  over budget on this one when we discovered we had to remove all the drywall and redo all the plumbing (the drywall wasn’t secured to the metal studs; in fact, some of the metal studs weren’t secured either; the drain was in the wrong place; there were no shut off valves, and nothing was to Code). But I think it was worth it. Here’s the before:

And here’s the after:


The kitchen, of course, was the most expensive part of this project since I had to order some 9″ custom cabinets and take out a part wall but it turned out incredibly well. Here’s the before:

And here’s the after.  (Huge thanks to Belinda Bass at Home Depot for helping me come up with an amazing plan and Andre in Appliances – both of them were absolutely terrific to work with).





That light came from Living Lighting and it’s a knockout. Thanks to Ian, the manager,  for talking me into getting ribbon lights to go with it (I put them in the foyer and the MBR closet). They’re really lovely!

Speaking of the closet, here is the before and after of that ensuite closet I spent days and days painting:

I installed new mirror doors in the foyer and in the second bedroom (neither one had any closet doors at all). Mirror Works did a great job; the doors are terrific and their installer, Andy, really knows his stuff … those doors were installed in less than an hour.


New curtains in the living room and master bedroom, and it’s all done!



A huge thanks to Alex Martinez for all his hard work on this project and Jorge, his helper; also to Chad Patrick and Scott Zietak, plumbers;  Angel Cruz, electrician (he will be my go-to electrician forever; he’s lovely);  Ivan, the drywaller,  and Jennifer Goldie for helping me with painting. You did wonderful work– this place is stunning. Can’t wait to do it again!


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