Renovating an investment condo- Day 20 – Glitches!

Tuesday was one of those glitchy days where you have to think creatively to get around problems, but we figured them all out and made a lot of progress on Wednesday.

Chad, the plumber, came back to move the drainpipe so we could get the new dishwasher in place and then discovered he couldn’t because of the iron stack. The Fridgidaire I had purchased had a 25″ deep tub. I found out that Bosch makes a dishwasher that is only 23″ deep and that solves our problem; we’ll have the new/new dishwasher on Thursday.

I returned to the condo to discover the vanity had been installed about 2″ further away from the side wall than expected, which meant the  light fixture above it was no longer centred. Then I noticed that Angel, the electrician, had yet to install the plug for the dryer, and that there was an exposed junction box in the kitchen that had to be dealt with. Chad had also mentioned that the plug for the old dishwasher had to be replaced as most new dishwashers are hardwired. So I decided to bring Angel back and he came over right away to take care of those things (I love him).

Alex then pointed out that the new granite countertop, installed over the weekend by the lovely guys from Granstone, had a 1/2″ overhang on the stove side which meant  the stove didn’t fit. I know those guys are swamped and I really didn’t want to call them back a third  time (they had already come back once to replace that same piece when we determined it was too short) but luckily, Alex does granite installations himself so he took it home and fixed it. By the time I arrived today, the stove was in place as was the fridge, and  microwave/ range hood.  So once again, here’s the before:

And here’s the after:



Now we are really down to small things. We will pick up the new dishwasher tomorrow and return the one that didn’t fit. Ivan the drywaller is there now, applying the second skim coat. Tomorrow is sanding and painting. New mirror closet doors arrive Friday morning. We have some baseboard to install, new curtain rods, shower curtain rod, and towel bars.

My pal Jennifer Goldie has agreed to come by on Saturday to paint the ceilings for me after Ivan sands which will take some of the burden off me — she’s a great painter!

And Sunday I get to show it off to prospective tenants!



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