Renovating an Investment Condo – Day 17 – Odds & Ends

Today involved progress on a lot of fronts, but all in small increments.

The drywall mudding and taping was going to take forever, so I agreed with Alex that we should bring in a pro at a slightly higher cost than we had budgetted (an extra $ 200) provided the guy came right away. Ivan came over after his full-time job and accomplished in a few hours what would have taken Alex and Jorge days. That meant taking the bathroom vanity out again though, so he could have access to the ceiling.


Amazing difference in the laundry room, which initially had plumbing all over the place and an electric cable that ran to the HWT diagonally across the room. The remnants of an old HVAC system were still hanging from the ceiling. We had all new plumbing installed and electrical, then Alex and Jorge put up new drywall to hide as much as we could.

Ivan taped and mudded that room too — here’s the before (two pictures):


DSCN1368And here’s the after, with a brand new Hot Water Tank:


Alex also got the moulding up above the cabinets on one wall and we figured out where the knobs and pulls will go.



And Angel came by to finish the electrical. All the thermostats have been upgraded, all plugs and switches are new Decora, and he also put in a GFI in the bathroom (there wasn’t one before). That ended up costing  a bit more than expected too when he found out that Lowes had increased the prices — an additional $ 135.22. But things look great, including the new bathroom light fixture. And the new fan has been installed as well.



The dishwasher does not fit in the space because of a too-high drain pipe, which means the plumber has to come back on Tuesday to lower the pipe to make room. He’ll finish installation at that time, but at least now we have a working toilet. (The guys were running off to use the one at the gas station for the whole three weeks they’ve been here, only to be informed this week that there was one for the party room that they could have used!)

There will be two more coats of drywall starting on Tuesday, and a ton of sanding and painting, but after that we are really talking small potatoes.

I started to re-assemble the built-in cabinet today, but one of the slides is broken, so I’m not sure what I will do there. Next week, it will all be done for sure!



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