Renovating an investment condo Day 16 – the Bathroom

The bathroom in this condo was a bit of nightmare. A previous owner had installed an HVAC system that wasn’t in compliance with condo rules and had to be removed, which left a big bulkhead in the ceiling from the ductwork. Whoever installed the stacked washer and dryer vented the dryer through a hole they cut in the wall into the bathroom, and hid the vent exhaust in the strip lighting. All of that had to go.


Here’s that dryer vent running from the laundry room into the strip light and out. The end came out by the fan and was wrapped with a nylon stocking to keep the lint out.


Anyway, none of that was to Code and it made the bathroom feel really tiny and cramped. The tub surround was old; the fittings were broken, and nothing was really  worth keeping.

DSCN1355So we gutted the room right down to the studs.  Just removing those bulkheads made a huge difference! Because of the humidity, we’ve had some problems getting the mud to dry on the drywall, so there’s still some patching, sanding and painting to do, but here’s the after:



That toilet, by the way, was a crazy deal at Home Depot ($ 178) and the vanity including the  sink was only $ 314 at Lowes. Simple, classic, and elegant, both of them.

Plumber Chad from Aqua will be back next Tuesday to finish installing  the dishwasher (I will explain in another post) and hook up the bathroom and kitchen sink.



I made one mistake with grout – I chose sanded, when I should have picked up unsanded, so the grout has a very grainy feel. Alex says that will disappear when he seals it. Lessons learned! Angel, the electrician, has yet to mount the light over the vanity and I have a nice mirror with a silver and chrome frame from HomeSense. Love the shower head and Pfister fittings (also a great sale item from Rona in Rockland — I think it worked out to around $ 120, which was a great price). It’s all coming together!

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