Renovating an investment condo – Day 10 – kitchen and bath

Huge changes in the kitchen and bathroom since I last posted. The biggest transformation by far is the kitchen. Here’s what it looked like before. It was quite dark and felt cramped.



And here’s what it looks like now, with the lower level cabinets installed. To give the illusion of greater space, I removed the two upper cabinets that were beside the window. The new uppers will be installed along the side walls only. Note the new cabinets on the right hand wall: we’ve added a ton of space to replace the ones we removed. And it’s brighter because we’ve removed part of the wall.


That has introduced new light not just into the kitchen but the dining room as well.  Extraordinary difference. Take a peek!



We’ve also made great progress in the bathroom. The new tub is in, the walls are up and the plumber is coming tomorrow to connect the plumbing.

Again, here’s the before. (You’ll remember the old tub was several inches shorter than the new one; we had to remove the drywall and remove some metal studs, also move the drain and shower valve to fix that problem.)


And here’s what it looks like now.


The guys will finish putting up the drywall in this room today, and Alex wants to get the tub  surround tile up today as well, as he won’t be able to do it easily tomorrow when he plans to put down the new floor once the plumber is finished. White subway tiles that will be laid in a stacked pattern rather than brick to give it a more modern feel. Can’t wait to see how everything will come together!

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