Renovating an investment condo – Day 7 – Demolition

We had hoped to move the kitchen cabinets from my garage to the condo yesterday but that blasted rain kept falling and since Alex has an open truck, we finally gave up. He used that time instead to finish demolition of the bathroom and kitchen. I had hoped to keep the ABS plumbing in both to save a little money but Alex had to rip out most of it to get the vanity and kitchen cabinet out.

Here is a picture of what the kitchen looked like before:


And here’s what that room looks like today.  (I mudded around the paint lines to try to conceal them, as there won’t be any cupboards on the walls beside the window – that area will be open to make the space look even larger.And part of the wall to the right of this picture is being cut out entirely.)



That horizontal line you see on the wall  is silicon caulking that was used to seal the 4″ backsplash. I won’t be having one, so I have to get rid of it; paint won’t stick to it. Let me tell you, it is a pain to remove. I tried scrapers, chisels, sandpaper and finally had to dig it out and repair the damage.

After we removed this tub surround (below), we (okay, Alex and George) had to take out the drywall   to enlarge the space to make room for a regular sized  60 x 30″ tub. In my last post, I mentioned that the old tub was a non-standard smaller size; a previous owner had framed in around it to make it fit.


When that drywall came out, we discovered that the sheet of drywall behind the toilet and sink wasn’t attached to anything; you could push on it and it would move. So Alex had to frame in that whole wall as well, which meant we lost another day.

But here’s what the room looks like now:



Today he and George framed the laundry room so that we can conceal some of the plumbing behind new drywall. They also removed the old hot water tank (it was 25 years old) and pulled out the old tile in both the bathroom and the laundry room. Then they laid a new tile floor in the laundry room. This is Alex, putting down the tile (he joked when I took the picture that, of course, he’d be on his knees.) That vertical red line to his left is from his laser level.


And this is George. He doesn’t speak much English,  but when I said “Queso” for “Cheese” as I snapped the picture, he cracked up, so I got this nice happy picture.


This weekend I’ll be painting the kitchen with a muddy teal colour that I think is going to work really well with the new white cabinets and black granite countertop and the existing light fixture.

On Monday, if all goes well, the plumber will be back to install  new pipes and shut off valves. We have booked the elevator so that we can bring in the kitchen cabinets in the morning, weather permitting. I think next week is when we will start to see a lot of progress!

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