Renovating an investment condo – Day #3

I guess technically this could refer to Day 3 and Day 4, which I have spent at the condo painting. Those chartreuse walls in the MBR are now gone, replaced with Behr’s Mortar. I really love the colour ; it’s muddy grey with a blue tinge – I think it will work as a neutral with just about anything.

BEHR mortar

Weird though; the curtain rod in the MBR was attached to the wall with one of those Ikea hexagonal keys, and there is so little space between the ceiling and the nut that I can’t unscrew it to take down the curtain. I’ve asked Alex to remove the entire rod  and I’ll find a new onethat’s easier to use when it comes to removing and changing  drapes.

I also primed and painted out this striped pattern in the hallway that the previous owner had used to display that lovely metal bird. Primer and three coats of paint and there are still lines showing through; I will fix that when I do the touchups.


The guys have removed the tub surround and the old strip light fixture that was inside a bulkhead in the bathroom. The dryer vent was actually cut through the wall and exited out right next to the fan, which was covered with a nylon stocking to catch lint. I took great pleasure in hauling that out personally yesterday. (The new dryer is ventless.)

In place of the strip light fixture (below)  I’ll be putting up a wall mounted light and installing a Nu-Tone fan in the ceiling. I can’t believe how much bigger the room feels without it. Makes a huge difference!


I can’t wait for the plumbers to come tomorrow and get to work so that we can finish the demolition. This plumbing (below the bathroom sink) looked like it was going to be a major problem – it runs right through through the vanity/wall and into the laundry room. If we couldn’t re-route it somehow,  I couldn’t go with a smaller 30″ vanity without exposing 6″ of pipe and  I would also have to cut a hole through the side of the new vanity which I really didn’t want to do.

Burnside sink 2Great news! Scott Zietak (my plumber) says it was just a pipe someone added so that the washer/dryer would empty through the bathroom plumbing. Needless to say, it isn’t supposed to be done that way, and since we don’t need it; it can be removed and I can have my 30″ vanity after all.

This is the one I chose at Lowes although when I tried to buy it last month they told me I had to wait, as they will only hold them for two weeks. This month, however, the price has gone up to $ 314. The tub is similar to the tub I’ve chosen, also from Lowes. I purchased it for $299; they’ll hold it for two weeks. Love the fact that it is just a plain, boxy rectangular shape, which is exactly what I wanted.




Tomorrow Scott  will coming by to change the shut off valves and clean up some plumbing and that means shutting off water to the unit. The property manager told me that sometimes when they try to shut off the risers (the stacks that supply plumbing to the units stacked on top of each other), they leak. If that happens, that requires shutting off water to the entire building, which means a 72 hour delay to give notice to all the owners and tenants. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly — we are already behind schedule.


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