Renovating an investment condo – Day #2

I have a great contractor, Alex Martinez, who is doing what little demolition he can do until we can get our plumbing issues sorted out. We can’t remove  the kitchen sink or dishwasher, for example, because the shut off valve is broken, so we can’t take out those cupboards or the countertop. We can’t demo the bathroom because the shut off valve is so old and rusted we are afraid of causing a floor. Ditto in the laundry room.

All of that should be addressed on Monday (fingers crossed all goes well) and then the serious demolition can begin. But I don’t want to lose any time, so I plan to start painting some of the rooms this weekend.

The master bedroom is a lovely, spacious room with its own private balcony, which I love. It’s  chartreuse at the moment, however, which I don’t love quite as much.

It took me quite a while to come up with a new paint colour but I finally chose Mortar by Behr in a matte finish. It’s a light, muddy grey with blue undertones.I think it will go very well with the hardwood floors which  are almost a dark copper colour.


I think these curtains (HomeSense, around $ 40) will work beautifully with that colour and play off the light fixture I’ve chosen for the walk-in closet (see below).

DSCN1373The MBR has an ensuite closet that has a pine coloured built-in closet with drawers. I’m arranging to get that pine spray-painted with white lacquer. It will cost around $ 300- $ 350, but well worth it. I’ll use Dan Maxwell, who is my “go-to” guy when it comes to painting.



That old light fixture will be replaced with a gorgeous ribbon light in a brushed nickel that I found at Lowes for around $ 90. (I paid twice as much at Living Light for  the same light but with a chrome finish for the foyer. Unfortunately, Lowe’s only had the brushed nickel version and I really liked the chrome, so this is my high-low compromise.)

ribbon light

Finally, there is no closet door so I have decided to put in a single glass panel barn door to hide the clutter.

barn door


I think the new door will add a nice modern touch. The one I will be buying at Home Depot is similar to this one, but is a little less expensive ( $ 449) and it is primed white. Still trying to decide between the antique bronze and the nickel hardware; they’re both pretty nice.

So all in all, I’ll have a busy weekend but I think it will be quite the transformation!


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