Renovating an investment condo – Day #1

So I just took possession of my investment condo at 50 Burnside this week. We have some plumbing issues to address before we can do demolition,  which requires that we shut off water to the building which we will do on Monday. Scott Zietak from Aqua Plumbing is working with me; he’s terrific.

Here are the “before” photos. The main shut off valve (which is attached to that copper piping above the dryer) is so old that Scott is afraid that if he tries to turn it off, it could break and cause a flood. We will replace it and move that copper pipe so it’s flush to the wall instead of hanging from the ceiling in the middle of nowhere.

The ductwork is from a non-existent HVAC system; all of that is coming out too. So is the dryer vent against the left-hand wall, which vents the dryer into the bathroom. None of this was done to Code, needless to say. I’ll be replacing both washer and dryer with sleek new ventless versions and we’ll patch up the holes.


One problem  is that the washer and dryer (which are actually gone now: I donated them to a refugee sponsorship group yesterday) are right next to the electrical panel. That isn’t to Code either– there shouldn’t be anything within a meter of a panel, which means finding a way to reconfigure the laundry.

The hot water tank is to the right of the stacked washer and dryer. (It too will be replaced with a new one.)  The electrical line attached to the old tank that is hanging in the air will be run up the wall and across the   ceiling to tidy it up.


Initially I had planned to install the new washer and dryer side-by-side and put shelving above them, but Scott suggested I stack them and put them next to the HWT instead. I have to take some measurements tomorrow to see if that’s feasible, but it would certainly give us more storage room, as well as the distance from the panel required by Code.

The flooring in this room will be replaced with 13 x 13″ green-grey tile and of course, it will all be painted and cleaned up. It may be a storage room but I want it to be more functional,and attractive: I think it will be quite a transformation!


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