Kitchen concept plans, finalized!

I spent two and a half hours today with Belinda Bass at Home Depot in Barrhaven, finalizing the plans for the kitchen of my investment condo, and I couldn’t be happier.(I also picked out, and paid for, all the appliances. The nice thing about doing that now is it meant we had the measurements for those in hand and could make sure the cabinets fit around them perfectly. Many thanks to Andre at Home Depot for his help in getting me the best possible price.)

The cupboards will sit almost flush to the ceiling, and will be mounted with a 1″ space between them and the ceiling. That space will be filled in with a plain wood strip, rather than Crown moulding, to look a little more modern. Installing them 1″ higher than we’d initially planned  will give 19″ between the bottom of the built-in microwave/range hood and the stove top.

burnside concept 2

We shortened the cut-out/island area by 12″ from the last set of plans  to 48″. That way, the living room wall will have lots of room for a TV. I also decided to extend the end of counter top  9″ into the dining room to allow for bar stools. This will provide enough space for three bar stools in total and shouldn’t have any negative impact on the dining room are at all.

Burnside concept 1

And finally, we filled in the negative space next to the bulkhead with uppers and lowers. I think it looks great!

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