Mixing and matching tiles #Renos

My favourite part of staging and renos is where I’m at right now with my investment condo, finding the finishes I like and developing my colour palette.

I found this wonderful hexagonal marble tile at Home Depot for the bathroom floor and while the bathroom and kitchen are separate (aren’t they always?) I want the two spaces to feel cohesive, so I’ve been taking that tile with me while I look at backsplashes and counter tops. I purchased a backsplash sample I liked at Home Depot and I’ve been walking around with that too.


Here’s a better shot of that backsplash, which has pewter accents.

DSCN1135Today I visited Granstone (I was so impressed with their customer service) and picked out a countertop that matches both.It’s TCE 2026, the one on the right in the middle.  It’s quartz and it has a tiny fleck of metal in it so it will match perfectly with my new backsplash.


What I love about Granstone is not only that they give a discount to realtors (yayy!) but instead of the three weeks Home Depot needs to install a countertop after they come over to measure (which would be after cabinet installation), Granstone can do all of that in less than a week.

When you are working to get a rental ready for market, time is money, so I’m delighted. Thanks, Paige, for all your help today — I really appreciated it!

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