Concept Drawings – Working with a Designer

As you know, I’ve purchased an investment condo and I am planning on gutting the kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom will be easy; everything is where it should be, but I want to take part of a wall down in the kitchen.

I decided that to do that, and figure out cabinets,  I needed to use the help of a designer, and remembered that I’d met a terrific designer last year at the Barrhaven Home Depot, award-winning kitchen designer, Belinda Bass. (Did I mention that the design work at Home Depot is free if you buy their cabinets?) I got hold of Belinda, who remembered me after all this time, and we got together last night for a couple of hours, and based on aset of measurements (which Sloan Markey of Kitchens First  helped me with), we came up with a design plan.

sloan kitchen


The new kitchen will have a breakfast bar that opens it up to the living area and brings some light into what right now is dark and cramped kitchen with limited counter space.

Belinda’s drawings (below) show the opening  as being about 5′ wide but we’re going to reduce that (we simply ran out of time last night to finish up).

Right now, on the south side of the room, there is a wall that has a doorway in it, and so at first, we just cut a big pass through on the living room (east) side, and made it 5′ wide because smaller widths looked puny. 

But even then,  there was something about it that bugged us.

We decided to take the door way out completely, leaving only a part wall next to the fridge,  and as soon as we did, the space opened up.

Now I’m thinking that three or four feet will be sufficient for the breakfast bar, since we can extend it out at the south end (where that wall used to be) and make room for a bar stool there too. concept drawing 2

That will give more room on the living room side for a book case or a TV next to the breakfast bar.

The only part that still bugs me a little is that there is a bulkhead to the right of the window and kitchen sink that extends out about 9 1/2″.


We tried designing a floor to ceiling pantry for that space (between the breakfast bar and the bulkhead) and it felt a little squished.

Concept drawing 1


Right now, the design shows  a lower cabinet with empty space above. I’m thinking we will either put shelving above that, or a custom upper cabinet, to give it a fitted feel.

What do you think?


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