One showing: an offer, happy clients!

I sometimes think of my job as  matchmaking and if I do it well, I can find a buyer a property fairly efficiently. But finding the right  buyer for the right house in one showing is my new personal record!

I had out of town clients come to Ottawa looking for a townhouse in one of the trendy neighbourhoods close to the action. But in the course of our discussions, I discovered they were kayakers and canoeists and would love  a water view.

As we sat in front of a large computer monitor at the office, I showed them several listings for  condos in the areas they’d identified that had water views  but they were apartment condos, and they didn’t like them. I explained that to get actual waterfront in Ottawa would be next to impossible at their price point.

“Would you willing to be 15 minutes from the action to be on waterfront?” I asked. I knew of a vacant unit in a townhouse complex right on the water south of the city; completely renovated inside; it met everything on their wishlist except for neighbourhood.

“Sure,” they said. So I booked  an appointment and we drove right off to see it before they headed back to Toronto. An hour later, they’d fallen in love. “You knocked it right out of the park,” the husband said. They made an offer a couple of days later, and we did the home inspection yesterday. They are absolutely thrilled!

I’d referred them to Rod Clark, home inspector, and Jen Ahde, as their lawyer, and this was the email they sent me late last night:

“The house is perfect for us and we were so impressed with Rod as well as with Jen.  Your high standards are reflected in those people to whom you refer your clients.  Thanks again for facilitating this process – you are making it so easy!”

One meeting, one showing, the right match, and clients who are excited and happy. Doesn’t get much better than this!



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