First steps in my condo renovation!

I purchased an investment condo recently; it’s in an older low-rise building that I’ve been looking at for years. The condo has very good bones but needs some serious updates. It does have a lovely red mahogany engineered hardwood however, which I will be keeping.

Although I don’t take possession until July 4th, I will be picking up tiles, lighting fixtures etc between now and then so that we’ll be ready to roll as soon as I get the keys. As always, the reno will be a mixture of high end and low end finishes.

The bathroom has a bulkhead left over from an old HVAC system that no longer works and the drywall behind the toilet is not properly strapped so you can push on it and see it move. The dryer in the laundry room  is also vented through the bathroom wall  into the bathroom and exits through an old style recessed light strip. I guess the idea was to keep the bathroom fan running while the dryer is on, but that isn’t to Code.

We’ll fix all of that by stripping out the bulkhead and the recessed light strip and I will replace the current stacked washer and dryer with a ventless pair by Elecrolux. Here’s the dryer: it’s only 24″ and stackable but I will be able to put this and the 24″ washer side by side in my tiny laundry room with shelving above. The condensation from drying clothes exits by a hose placed down the same drain as the washing machine. Brilliant.electrolux ventless dryer.JPG

There is also a cable outlet next the toilet that we will disconnect. I get reading on the toilet but I don’t think we need a TV!  

Sloan Markey, from Kitchens First, was kind enough to give me  a hand with measurements. (I’ve had to crop them to remove information about the address since I don’t yet own the property.)

Peggy Bathroom drawing 1

Once I had measurements,  I could figure out how much tile I need and I’ve already purchased hexagonal marble floor tile. That’s a high-end purchase for me: it’s $ 16.97/sq ft and more often used for backsplashes, but I love it as a flooring and this is a small room so I want to make it a jewel. That cost me $763.65 without taxes. But I love it, and because the subway tile I’ll be using for the tub surround will be around $ 1/sq ft. I think I can afford to splurge to have a real “wow” factor.

Here’s the floor tile; it has a grey and slightly greenish/creamy tinge to it that I really like:


I am looking at few different options for vanities. There is a 36″ vanity in the bathroom now, but I may go down to a 30″  as the existing vanity butts right up against the wall which I don’t like. Here are a couple of choices I am looking at. I know which one I am tipping towards: do you have a preference?

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