Want to sell your house? Make it easy for a realtor to show.

I’ve just had a crazy week trying to organize 24+ showings for an out-of-town couple that were serious buyers with a healthy budget. Why was it so crazy? Because of the Rubik’s cube of restrictions that sellers had put on properties they supposedly wanted to sell. It was almost impossible to line up showings that worked. Some examples:

“No showings Monday, Wed. or Thursday.”

“No showings 1:00-4:30.”

“No showings Fridays.”

“No weekend showings.”

“No showings after 7 P.M.”

“Listing agent must be present during showings.”

“Owner must be present during showings.”

“No lockbox. Owner will let you in.”

“48 hours notice required.”

“24 hours notice required for all showings.”

There was one property that had about four of the above restrictions on the listing. I finally found a time within our schedule that accommodated all of them, only to receive a Non-Confirmed Showing email and an explanation that “new restrictions” had taken effect March 1st. Seriously???

Twice, my clients and I showed up at confirmed showings where the listing agent had to be present to find no-one was there. In one case, the listing agent had forgotten all about the appointment and was in a training session where emails/texts couldn’t be received. In the other, the listing agent’s office forgot to notify the seller to be there where the listing agent couldn’t make it. And in a third, the seller, who insisted on being there to open the door, forgot there was a showing and went out, leaving us waiting outside the door not knowing what was going on.

If you want to sell your house, make it easy for a realtor to see it. If we can’t get in with a buyer, you can’t sell.

No-one wants to tour a house with the owner peering over their shoulder. And if your agent is stuck at your house, waiting for a prospective buyer who’s already represented by another agent, you are simply wasting your agent’s time.Put on a lockbox and get the heck out of the way. We’re not going to steal your property or go through your private belongings; we are there to do a job which is introduce our buyer to your property and see how they respond.

The more barriers you put up, the harder it is for us to do that. And sometimes, your  rules for when we can get in simply frustrate us enough that we move on. (That also happened; with one property, after three attempts  to get in, we finally gave up. And it was at the top of my clients’ list!)

P.S. My clients did buy a house. If you’re one of the owners I’m talking about it, it wasn’t yours. But if you hadn’t put up some many hurdles for us to jump over, it could have been.


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