I found an easy way to restore the shine to leather furniture!

I had a client last year whose leather sofa was in bad state, thanks to a droolly dog. I used a shoe leather dye to bring the colour back and when I was done, it looked brand new.

But when it comes to my own scratched up  burgundy leather sofa, I couldn’t find burgundy shoe dye. I found this in my storage room instead: a hardwood floor product by Minwax that you use to apply a light layer of polyurethane to scuffed flooring. I decided to give it a try.

(This product must be at least five years old but it came out of the container as if I’d bought it today. No storage issues here.)


And you know what? It worked like a charm. Here’s the before: the leather cushions are dull and have dozens of deep  scratches from my cat and dog.


And here’s the after (below). The scratches are gone and the leather looks rich and shiny again — it even deepened the colour. And it dried almost instantly!


I didn’t use gloves but I probably should have. I poured it directly on the leather and rubbed it over the leather with a clean white cloth. This product should last for quite a while. I used at most 1/4 cup. The difference was instant and pretty amazing! (Now I can’t wait to try it on hardwood, LOL!)

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2 Responses to I found an easy way to restore the shine to leather furniture!

  1. Dan says:

    I used this same product to finish and water proof my leather golf shoes. The results are amazing!!

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