Before and After – Staging a House for Resale

As a realtor, I often have to stage a home to get it ready for resale. This one has great bones, but it had been on the market for quite a while with a different agent. The owner approached me to take on the challenge.

The owner has an absolutely lovely collection of Aboriginal art.  I wanted this space to reflect the owner’s taste but also appeal to a broader circle of prospective buyers who might not notice the newly updated kitchen and the great light or the great backyard because of the décor. So the owner agreed to remove some of it and leave it to me to figure out what to replace it with. (The owner has been great).

I took some ” before” pictures on my smartphone to help me when I went out looking for cushions and bedding. I’m sorry to say they’re very blurred and not great shots, but you’ll get the idea.

Here’s a before-and-after of the living room. I removed the painting above the mantel and moved it to the owner’s office. The feather print is from HomeSense, I think it was around $ 40.  (I’ve used it in a number of properties I’ve staged: I love it.)

The furniture is great; it just needed a rug to ground the room. The rest involved adding a few accessories and decorative cushions.

LuAnn 5 DSCN0270

Here’s a before-and-after shot of the guestroom. Again, all that this room needed were a few cushions and accessories. (The José Brascoupé print is from my collection, so is the blue lamp.)

LuAnn 4DSCN0276

The master bedroom was huge but the bedding wasn’t showing it off at its best. We removed the black curtains and I moved the dining room drapes up to this room; they’re off-white. That brightened it up.  I turned the black and silver comforter over to the reverse side and added a new  quilt along with some nice Euro shams and an accent pillow that has an embroidered Moroccan design. I asked the owner to remove the hutch on the chest of drawers and I replaced it with this new mirror ($ 40 at HomeSense). We also replaced the black bedskirt with a white one.

The quilt has accents in it of the same colour paint that’s on the wall. (It was $ 35 plus taxes at Quilts at Carlingwood, which one of my go-to places for bedding.) Those little white strips over the bed are those 3M strips: I can’t remove them without damaging the paint so I’ll leave that to the owner.

LuAnn 2DSCN0273

This is the MBR ensuite. It’s an absolutely lovely room and just needed a little tweaking.

luAnn 1DSCN0274

And here’s the guest bathroom. I replaced the striped shower curtain with a white waffle one and added new towels and a few accents; that’s about it. What a transformation!

LuAnn 3DSCN0275

And finally, here’s the main floor living room. Like most people, the owner was hanging  art too high on the wall. (Art should be hung so you can look at when sitting, not standing: most people hang it way above eye level, which is a mistake.)

I moved the furniture around and swapped  the art that was on the opposite wall with the one above the sofa. I also bought a new lamp:  this one was for sale for $ 60 at HomeSense. I loved the wooden base and the drum shade. It works perfectly. What do you think?

LuAnn 6DSCN0271


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