Be careful out there, realtors ….

This story flags the need to be cautious with clients we’ve never met before. The Board advises us to meet unfamiliar buyers in our offices first, but there aren’t too many of us who do that. I know I worry about being alone at Open Houses sometimes, but I have a great big realtor pal who’s said to give him a call anytime I think I might be in trouble and I carry  my cellphone with me at all times. (We had a report last year of an Open House where a prospective “buyer” tried to push a female realtor into the basement at a slow Open House and lock the door; thank God, she was able to get away.)

An Ottawa realtor has reported the following incident to the Board; it’s frightening. ( I think I would have called the cops the minute the guy blocked my driveway, to be honest, although I discovered after I accidently set off an alarm in a client’s house recently, that they don’t respond very quickly.) We don’t ask for ID when we meet with buyers the first time or at Open Houses, sometimes I think we should.

We deal with a lot of people every day in this business. Most are terrific, but given the numbers, it’s not surprising that a few of them turn out to be nutbars. Luckily, there aren’t too many of those, but it does flag the need to be careful out there. I hope this realtor is okay.

WARNING: Suspicious Character Alert

On Sunday, August 3rd a female Ottawa realtor encountered a suspicious character while conducting her business.

She was contacted via email by a “buyer” who wanted to put a cash offer, closing in a week, on one of her listings. He asked to meet Sunday at 4:30 p.m. The member attended the meeting and everything was as usual with a call of this sort. Nothing extraordinary. After locking up and leaving the property, she got in her car and drove home. Once arriving at her home, she realized that the “buyer” had followed her home in his car. He then called out from his car window and shouted, “Now I know where you live.”

He drove away, then called her a few minutes later and asked to meet him at a nearby restaurant. She refused and told him that she had other engagements. He then said he would be by her  home in 5 minutes. She attempted to leave, but the “buyer” showed up and blocked her in her driveway. She finally convinced him to move.

She left her house and headed towards Barrhaven, he followed her all the way there. She managed to lose him, but he continued to harass her by phone, text message, and email. The member has filed a police report.

The man is about 5’11”, 165 lbs. with blonde/grey hair, he wears glasses and is around age 67-70. He drives a black convertible Audi.

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1 Response to Be careful out there, realtors ….

  1. Winn says:

    This is very frightening … take extra precautions everyone !

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