My new listing is staged and ready to sell! #CraigHenry

I have a new listing in Craig Henry: a beautiful three bedroom detached home in a terrific, family-friendly neighbourhood. This one didn’t require much to get ready: the owners had kept it very well maintained. They worked like crazy to declutter and make some  small tweaks I’d recommended (they were great!).  All I really had to do when they were done was add new bedding, cushions, accessories, and art.

If you’ve seen my previous listings, you’ll recognize this little table and chair set. It’s one of my favourites to use in an eat-in kitchen because it’s small but stylish. (I bought it on sale at Mikaza a couple of years ago for around $ 250. One of my best purchases ever. I’ve used it to stage several properties.) What I love about it is that it all comes apart for storage, too!

Katie - eat-in kitchen

Once I decided to use this set, I decided to add some hits of black and white throughout the house. If you look closely at the pictures below, you’ll see black and white accents popping up in different places, including in the painting of birch trees I brought from home and hung above the table and chairs.. The light fixture is new and matches the one in the dining room. It looks great!

Perhaps you’ll remember  my prior post on how to develop a colour palette  where I put up photographs of the various items I had pulled together for this house? (That’s the seller’s striped bedding, by the way; I took one of their shams with me when I went shopping.)

DSCN0099I ended up not using the bird cushion after all and instead dressed up the owners’ bedding with a quilt set and a few silk pillows and bolster. The curtains I used had been hanging in the dining room; I moved those upstairs to the MBR  (it turns out the embroidery pattern on them are an exact match for the pattern on my silk pillows!)

And the owners bought the new lamps.

katie - MBR 2

This was one of the two paintings I purchased for this home: I wanted a big piece for the dining room area and this one’s about 3′ x 4′. ($ 100 at HomeSense; it’s going to my cottage later on).

DSCN0104Since I’d moved the DR curtains  upstairs, I had to find new ones. These curtains, also  from HomeSense (linen in winter white) cost around $ 30. They puddle on the floor, and look terrific.

I also took an extension out of the DR table to provide a little more space.

The wall where the sideboard is used to be a burgundy accent wall; we painted it in a slightly lighter colour than the rest of the room (you’d never notice the difference) and extended that new colour all the way into the hall and up the stairway.

katie - DR 1

We used a slightly lighter shade of that same colour in the powder room. (My camera shows it as much darker than it is; this picture doesn’t do that room justice; it’s quite lovely.)

katie - powder roomI really like textured towels.  I can’t remember where I got these ones anymore, but they were on sale for around $ 9 and  I’ve used them to stage many properties. The towel bar is new (replacing a hand towel holder) for a little extra elegance.

Now, these were the cushions I’d originally purchased to go with the owners’ gorgeous  brown leather sofas. I ended up keeping the one with the leopard print (I actually bought another leopard print to go with it) and returned the other, (it was a little too busy), replacing it with a blue one with a big brown button and some nice tailoring.

DSCN0101katie - LR 2

katie - layout 1

A few florals and accessories (I’m a big fan of  coffee table books) and this detached home is ready for its new buyers! 9 Sovereign Avenue is a really beautiful property and great value at $379,900. Interested? Check it out: MLS #923708. Open House this Sunday 2-4!

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