10 Top Tips to Sell Your House – #10 – Hire a professional cleaner

A good housekeeper in the Ottawa area runs about $ 25 per hour and has her own supplies. This person is worth her weight in gold.

Many of us think we can do our own cleaning, but most often, we live in the same homes we are trying to sell. We don’t notice the dusty baseboards, the smudged nose prints on the outside glass doors from our pets, the grunge inside our dishwashers, the dustballs under our beds,  the dirty  switchplates, the dusty light fixtures.

The pros do, and they clean them.

A house that goes on the market should sparkle. The bathrooms and kitchens need to be as clean as possible and that doesn’t just mean the surface areas. All too often I’ve been inside a house that looks  good  until I open a kitchen or bathroom cabinet. Yuck.

(The bottom shelves in those cabinets are often damaged by the cleaning products we store there. Buy yourself a roll of cork at Superstore for ten bucks or so: it’s sold with their rolls of shelf paper. You can cut it to fit the space exactly and it makes the shelves look brand new.)

Trust me, a good cleaner will clean things you didn’t even think needed cleaning, and that’s what you want. Even better, the good ones are in and out in five to six hours. A few hundred dollars in cleaning is a good investment when it comes to selling your house.

Don’t know any good housekeepers? Ask your realtor: we usually have a list of people we recommend. And if we don’t, our colleagues will.

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