10 Top Tips to Sell your House – #7 –Get rid of the scented candles

Yes, advertising works and for some reason, home owners have been persuaded by TV ads  and those  perfumed inserts in magazines that a little forest scent, or mountain glade, or fresh orange blossom, will appeal to buyers the way that pheromones attract moths.

Sometimes it’s the overwhelming smell of a scented plug-in that smacks me as soon as I walk into a home. More  often it’s scented candles. That heavy, waxy artificial smell (most often a flavour, like cinnamon or cloves or  vanilla beans) is cloying.  It’s the first thing I tell my sellers: get rid of the scented candles.

Perfumed smells do not add  value to your house.   What they do is irritate the heck out of buyers with allergies, literally, and there are plenty of people who are sensitive to them. They can find it difficult to breathe after they’re exposed to them. And the worse part is that the smell can linger for days after you remove whatever it is that you’ve used.

Spraying Lysol around a room simply adds another smell; it doesn’t remove them. And if you’ve got dogs or cat smells, trust me, those ads  that claim an aerosol spray can make your house smell as fresh as an ocean breeze are not true.  It’s a bit like the Victorians spraying themselves with perfume to mask the fact that they didn’t bathe and about as effective.

Get rid of the scented candles, the perfumed sprays, the plug-ins etc. A fresh-smelling house smells like the real outdoors, not a manufactured facsimile. Open a window instead. The asthmatics will thank you.

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