10 Top Tips to Sell your House. Tip #4–Keep the toilet paper stocked.

You think I’m joking, but there’s nothing worse than a bathroom that doesn’t have toilet paper, or where the only thing left is the tatty brown cardboard roll.

Imagine being a buyer who has to use the washroom and can’t find any. They’ll remember their embarrassment long after they’ve forgotten your house. A full, plump roll of toilet paper is visually appealing; again, it’s one of those things buyers won’t consciously notice if you’ve done it but their subconscious will kick in if you don’t.

And leave a spare roll in the cupboard if the house is vacant. Your agent will thank you.

On the other hand, get rid of all those tissue boxes you have lying around. You’re selling a house, not running a sick ward. They make me think of snotty noses, which is not exactly the impression you want to leave with a buyer. Yes, I know they come in lovely designer boxes but they are not actually designer items. And all too often you haven’t bothered to match them to your decor anyway.

If  I’m listing your house, you can expect to come home and find these tucked away out of sight in one of your cupboards. And if you’ve followed my tip  about toilet paper rolls, you don’t need them anyway.


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