Top 10 Tips to Sell your House. Tip #3 – Replace burned out light bulbs

You wouldn’t think I would have to mention the need to replace burned out light bulbs when you’re getting ready to sell, but you wouldn’t believe how many homes I’ve been in where that hasn’t been done. Typically the offender is one of those hideous multi-globe bathroom vanity lights: I have yet to find one where at least one bulb hasn’t burned out.

Worse than the globe bulb burning out and not being replaced is when someone replaces the burned out bulb with a twisty fluorescent. Right away I know the home-owner doesn’t really care about their house or how it looks.

It’s a small detail, but take the time to match the bulb: I shouldn’t see soft white in one socket and bright white in another, or an old fashioned bulb in one socket and an eco-friendly bulb elsewhere in the same fixture. (I only buy soft white: bright white has a glare to it that reminds me of an office. It’s not comfortable to look at and definitely not flattering.)

And when it comes to bathroom vanities, get ones that cast a bright light: the bathroom  is no place for 10W bulbs.

This is an easy fix and one that no one will notice unless you don’t do it: then they’ll notice for sure. A final tip when it comes to lighting? Don’t touch halogen bulbs with your fingers when you install them: use a piece of paper towel or toilet paper to protect the bulb. If you get any oil from your fingers on it, it will burn out quickly and those bulbs are too expensive to waste.

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