10 Top Tips to Sell your House. # 2 – Leave the house during showings

I am looking for an investment property and booked a showing at a house I was interested in. When I arrived, the owners were there. And stayed inside for the entire visit. In fact, the wife never left the upstairs bathroom, which means I didn’t get to see it.

The husband kept talking to me about their house — the improvements they’d done, and how long they’d lived there. All I could do was nod: I am legislatively prohibited from talking to him about his listing; he has his own agent.

And so I left without ever having opened a cupboard door or looked in the back yard because it was awkward. It’s uncomfortable to try to look at someone’s house while they’re standing right there. I might have spent a few minutes thinking about walls I might move or how to reconfigure the kitchen;  imagining what I might do with the space. With the homeowner there, I was in and out in record time.

My second tip if you want to sell your house, then? Get out of the way. Leave before the prospective buyer arrives. Go for a walk or a drive; if you have nowhere to go, sit in the car for ten minutes. It doesn’t take long for someone to walk through your house, but believe me, it will take even less if you’re there.

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