Staging a Condo: Part 4. Art (Franciscus Van Boxtel)

To get a recent listing ready for market, I knew I needed art. This is a high-end condo: I wanted to use original works. I usually bring my own art in for staging. But my  supply  was pretty limited, as I have another staged property on the market right now as well.  So I thought of Franciscus (Frank) Van Boxtel, one of our artist donors for Homes with Woofs. I love his stuff, and I wondered if we could rent some of his paintings.

Frank was happy to help. He sent me photographs of several of his available pieces, together with measurements, and I chose three of the larger ones, since I had 10′ ceilings to work with. Here are two: Pax and Jester, and Lotus Blossom.

Frank Pax and JesterFrank lotus

(A third painting, Lotus for Marion, won’t save into WordPress because of its dimensions: it’s 16″ by 48″ so the program keeps saving it sideways but I can’t figure out how to rotate it.)

Anyway, here’s how they turned out in the actual space.  I used the two lotus paintings in the master bedroom and chose my bedding around those colours to give the space a serene feel:


And I used Pax and Jester in a bedroom I staged as an office. Doesn’t it look great?


I should mention that when I contacted Frank about payment, he told me he’d been thinking about it, and preferred that I donate the money to Nelson House Shelter for Women. So we have not just a talented artist, but a very kind and generous one.

Frank will be donating a custom pet portrait to our Homes with Woofs event on June 12 at City Hall. You can also check out his work on his website, and there are always a few of his paintings hanging up in Critter Jungle at Hampton Park Plaza, where he works. You’ll be able to recognize him from this self-portrait, again with Pax and Jester.

Frank Self portrait with Pax and Jester 16x48 March 2014Thanks, Frank, so very much appreciated on both counts!  Your art really helped transform this space and we’ll look forward to displaying it at Homes with Woofs!

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