Staging a Condo: Part 3. Before-and-after.

Well, after all our hard work (I’m exhausted), my new condo listing is now on the market,  priced at $ 919,900 and I have to say it looks fantastic.  Here’s the “before” of the dining room area (remember, this is all open concept) and remember, if you click on the photo you can see it full-size:

95 bronson light fixture old


bronson blank canvas

And here’s the “after,” to the right.

Below is the living room space, both before and after. Doesn’t it look amazing? Just hanging a new light fixture made a world of difference. Same paint colour, same drapes.


This was the kitchen before we changed the backsplash to glass tile.

Bronson kitchen backsplashAmazing what that small change did: it transformed the entire room.


This is an absolutely beautiful unit. If you know someone looking in Ottawa for a 2100 sq. ft., three bedroom condo with tons of storage, amazing views and two parking spots, tell them to call me! You can see more pics at the listing: MLS 908165.

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