Why I love my office (Royal LePage Team Realty)

I love working for Royal LePage, and that probably surprises my friends and family. After all, I was a lawyer for 30 years. But I’ve learned that being a realtor requires just as much training, thought, and skill as being a lawyer and a whole lot more people skills, and that makes it interesting. I’ll post more on that later, but today’s post is why I love Royal LePage Team Realty and why it’s the best place I’ve ever worked, bar none.

First of all, I’ve met some of the nicest people you can imagine in my three years there (wow, that time has flown by, and that speaks volumes).

Kent Browne, our owner/broker, has somehow managed to create a collaborative, supportive team in what is sometimes considered a cutthroat business. We’re friends, but more than friends, we’re family. Everyone is always ready to help, and that goes from the  staff all the way to the top. No question is every considered stupid; no request for assistance is met with rolled eyes–this is a business based on helping each other out. Imagine that. It’s extraordinary.

In an atmosphere like that, I look forward to going to work every single day.

The office isn’t all work, either. We have regular social events. Tonight, for example, our manager and his partner (another realtor) are having the entire office over for a BBQ in the country at their home. We’ll all bring food; one realtor is roasting an entire pig on a spit. The food, I already know, will be fantastic — when Team gets together for a party, people bring their game. There will be a Lobster and Steak event in the fall; there’s an American Idol style event in the spring, and in between, lots of office potlucks and other get-togethers so that we manage to stay connected.

But what makes it even better is working with a group of people who come from wildly diverse backgrounds. I have a colleague who handled PR for the Queen’s tour; another who sings in a band and was recently in California singing the national anthems at a Blue Jays game in Oakland. There’s a woman who competes in triathlons; a receptionist who paints and draws; a realtor who runs a cocktail business for upscale clients on the side. We have a few nurses; someone who runs a hospitality training business, several former teachers, contractors, consultants, computer whizzes —  I mean, really– where else would I meet all these people in one office?

My colleagues range in age from their twenties to their seventies, and they are all interesting, every single one of them.

We have a bullpen in our office where we have a bank of computers for agents to use on the fly. I’ve had  incredible conversations there on everything from politics and law and ethics to housing and real estate and the economy. There’s a big TV screen (no sound; only subtitles) in the adjacent lunchroom: we watched in horror as the Boston marathoners were bombed, and we all waited around the table to see the new Royal baby.

We laugh a lot, and sometimes we fret, and sometimes we bitch, and sometimes we cry, but we’re always there for each other. Those among us who have become sick, or had surgery, or have lost family members, know just how true and deep that support runs.

What a lucky person I am to be in such a great company, in such great company, doing something I love.

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