Another happy client!

It’s wonderful as a realtor to get client testimonials, even more so when you don’t ask for them. Not only is it nice to have that kind of positive feedback but a realtor relies so much on word-of-mouth to build a reputation.

Very nice indeed then to get up this morning and find this completely unsolicited email in my inbox:

“For our wonderful real estate agent,

“Jocelyn, Tanya, Jamie and I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did in finding us the perfect home. You were excellent in helping us determine the best location (close to transportation, shopping), our list of desired features and within our price range.

“You were always patient to answer all our questions and were instrumental in sealing the deal. Thanks so much!

“I highly recommend Peggy when buying a house.” (Diana Kirkwood)

I have to say that Diana and her family have purchased a really lovely home. It was one of those rare properties that was so nicely renovated and maintained that the home inspector kept saying, “Wow, this is good.” 

These are all words we like to hear, on all fronts! Thanks, Diana, much appreciated!

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