Real Estate Bloopers!

As an author, I can’t resist compiling and sharing those common typos and errors that creep into the world of real estate. Here are some recent ones I’ve stumbled across.

I recently had a condo deal. The buyer’s agent prepared an offer that listed condo fees “which amount includes the following: Caretaker, Building Insurance, Management, Water, Snot Removal and Exterior Maintenance. ” Glad I’m not that building caretaker!

And then there is this one from a colleague at Royal LePage, who waxed  poetically about the great flow  in his listing: “Entertain from the kitchen area with granite counters, upgraded sinks and faucets flowing into the dining and living area with hardwood flooring.” Sure hope those faucets aren’t really flowing into that hardwood – yikes!

My pal, Mary Lindsay asked for ad copy for a listing for the Ottawa Citizen. What came back was that the home was perfect for the “disconcerting” buyer.

And then yesterday, while trolling the listings, I came across this gem: a home that had been “eloquently updated.” Nothing like an articulate house — it practically sells itself.

I’ll keep collecting, and if I get enough of these, who knows, there could be an e-book in my future! If you come across any, let me know – will post!

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