Selling a Staged Property!

Updated Feb 11/2013: This property sold in only three days! It was listed last Friday, and we had an unconditional offer on Sunday – after some very friendly back-and-forth about price, the deal went firm today. Happy buyer, very happy seller – it just goes to show that a well-presented, well-priced property will sell, regardless of the state of the market, (which in Ottawa is supposed to be slowing down). Woohoo! !!!!!!________________________________

Damn, I wish I’d taken some “before” shots of my new listing .  Believe me, the photographs  don’t do it justice.

When I first saw this three bedroom, three bath row unit, the upstairs carpet was seafoam green in bad condition with quite a few stains. The kitchen had those old oak strip cabinets from the 80s. The kitchen appliances were old and not very appealing. And the tub in the upstairs bathroom was so scratched and pinged that it was beyond reglazing. I got approval to replace the upstairs carpet, buy new appliances, and redo the bathroom, keeping the old vanities in all three bathrooms to keep down costs. The paint in the unit was new, so it was just a matter of finding things to work with that colour.

Pat, the plumber/tiler from Cash and Carry Carpet tore out the shower surround and rebuilt a new one with drywall, green board and Schluter, a waterproof membrane, making sure it was done right. Somehow he managed to re-use all the faucets, which was incredible. They were old, and now look new!

The lighting throughout the house, which in some cases was simply  mounting brackets with no actual light fixtures, meant scouting around for great deals. And I found them – scouring Ottawa Kijiji, Home Depot, Rona, and Canadian Tire for fixtures on sale.

Here’s the new kitchen. The oak strip cabinets were painted by Dave and Jeff Smart of SmartChoice painting with melamine paint, so that the dated old oak strip disappeared. The upper cabinets were done in Rona’s Cotton Ball; the lower ones in Rona’s Concrete.

There had been an empty light fixture over the sink; that’s now a sleek brushed nickel pendant. Add a new rangehood, a brand new Amana stove, and a brand new fridge, and you have a sleek, contemporary kitchen.

IMG_0528 IMG_0542

There is an eating nook in the kitchen as well. It had a far too large 48″ wooden table in it when I saw it and a brass and stained glass hanging light.  I ended up buying a 32″ round glass table and two Mikaza Jacobsen chairs when I couldn’t find anything that worked on-line. The  new hanging light? I found it for $ 15 on Kijiji, although I had to drive to Kanata to pick it up. Talk about a steal! When you see it in person, the alabaster shade has a gorgeous zigzag pattern through it that makes it quite unique. (All the art in the house, by the way, comes from my collection.)


The astonishing part about the living and dining room is that I didn’t have to redo anything except replace a set of blinds that were broken with a new curtain rod and curtains. I found rods for $ 16.99 and $ 24.99 at HomeSense; the faux silk panels were $ 19.99 each. But the laminate was in great shape, and so was the paint.

I rented furniture for staging; when it arrived, I had to cut the tags off — it was brand new. The delivery men, Tony and Terry,  assembled the dining room set in the truck, pulling the pieces out of boxes, putting them together, and then bringing the assembled furniture in.

That three light halogen  brushed nickel light fixture in the dining room is gorgeous — it has two different glass shades: the outside one is clear and the inside one is frosted. It was $34.99 at Canadian Tire on sale. I love it!

IMG_0554 IMG_0552

In the upstairs bathroom, you can see the tile I picked for the shower surround with the glass tile border. What you can’t see is how pretty it is up close: those rectangular tiles have very subtle lines through them.

I donated floor tiles I had left over from an old project. And now that old vanity looks like it was part of the plan from the beginning. The old tub went out the door; the new one  cost all of $ 145. Towels were picked up at Zeller’s for $ 3 each; the hand towels came from Superstore for around the same price. You can’t see it but I picked up a new three light vanity light as well at Home Depot. It was the most expensive at $ 69 but well worth it; it’s gorgeous!


And about that carpet. Take a look at the master bedroom and you’ll see the nice oatmeal flecked Berber wall-to-wall  that the folks from Cash and Carry installed to replace that awful green one.

They did all the bathroom work too and their  workmanship was impeccable. A giant shout-out to George Papadopolous and also to Pat, Claude and Peter for doing such a great job.  (Jeff and Dave were awesome too: they did all kinds of extras for me, like hanging lights and curtain rods, even the curtains!)

The bedroom suite was already in the unit; I just added some bedding from home,  a few vases, and a lamp from my guest room.


Over all, this is a stunning transformation. Remember, I added wall-to-wall carpet upstairs and a brand new bathroom plus new appliances and paint on a tiny budget. Inclusive of staging, it worked out to less than $ 7,000, including taxes.

This is what you see, by the way, when you walk in the front door: a lovely little powder room. We painted the closet doors in the foyer a nice bright white and added a new track. All the closets were  literally off the rails; I found the hardware needed to fix that problem at Preston Hardware for $ 12.49 for a package of two; once again, Jeff and Dave came to the rescue.

What do you think?


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3 Responses to Selling a Staged Property!

  1. Winn says:

    I think you’re one VERY talented lady!

  2. I can’t believe you didn’t take any before pics!! I would have loved to see them. But anyways, talk about going the distance and going above and beyond the call of duty. A classic example of the absolute importance of realtors. I am beyond impressed! You should be so proud of yourself. Way to go Peggy!

  3. Peggy Blair says:

    Thanks to both of you! I enjoyed doing it, and I wish I had taken some before pics, for sure. Next time!

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