Investing in Real Estate!

The last episode of Ottawa Experts: Real Estate will air on January 14 (8-9 PM) and we’re going to talk about investing in real estate. Doug McLarty, a chartered accountant, and Mark Arbique, a real estate lawyer, will join me.

We’ll cover the basics of investing in real property (how long do you have to live in a property to avoid paying capital gains taxes, as one example) but there are some specific things I want to hear about too.  I’m interested in the implications of investing in property overseas or in the US (legal and taxes) and would love to know where Mark and Doug think the rental market in Ottawa is headed. Another topic that caught my eye has to do with the recent announcement in Spain that permanent residency status will be given to any foreigner who buys at property valued at approximately $ 200K (USD). What are the implications of that one, I wonder? Almost sounds too good to be true!

Do you have a question about investing? If so email me at peggyblair[a] and I’ll be happy to air your question during the show and get it answered for you!


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