Stittsville Artists Studio Tour, and an Open House!

Six Stittsville artists have graciously agreed to show their work at my Open House this Sunday at #28 Spyglass Ridge in Amberwood Village! 

It’s the Stittsville Artists’ Studio Tour this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, from 10 AM to 5 PM). My Open House will be on from 2-4 PM so if you’re planning to come to the Open House,  that gives you lots of time to get around and check out the Studio Tour in the neighbourhood! Meanwhile, here’s some information on the listing.

The talented artists who will be displaying paintings at #28 Spyglass (there are six, and they’ve each offered to loan us one painting) will have the rest of their work on display (and for sale) at their studios all day. Be sure to head on over their way and check out their wonderful paintings! Here’s a map to help you find your way around.

The artists are as follow:

Josie Braden – 19 Glen Abbey (a mere jog from #28 Spyglass)

Vera Van Baaren – 11 Plainfield Court (which is nearby too)

Bernice Wills – 7 Plainfield Court

Diane Dean – 181 Hartsmere

Daniel Morales-Gomez – 26 Trailway Circle, and

Wendy Murray – 396 West Ridge Drive.

So make sure to stop in! Should be great — see you on Sunday!

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