# 10 – Selling a house – The AGENT Open House

The Agent Open House is another tool that realtors use to try to get a house sold. Typically, these are held on Thursday mornings although sometimes they’re in the afternoon and I’ve even heard of a few in the evenings. (In Quebec, they’re called “caravans.”)

What they are is an opportunity for other agents to drop by during what is usually a window of a couple of hours to see the listing and chat with the listing agent. No one stays long but I’ve always enjoyed them because it’s a chance to get to know other agents a little better and show off a property.

In our office, we have to let our support staff know on Wednesday that we want to hold one, provide the time, date, address and MLS number (sometimes a Feature Sheet is attached as well) and any additional information, i.e. will refreshments be served. Late Wednesday afternoon, an email is circulated to all the agents in our office (about 200 of them) with a list of all the Open Houses that will be held the next day.

Agent Open Houses are usually held between 10 and 12 AM or thereabouts; I decided to hold one at one my listing in Amberwood Village this weekend between 11-1 so I let the staff know and asked them to add a note indicating that the property has been professional staged for the new TV show.

Then, on  Thursday morning, like a regular Open House, I went out to put up my Open House sandwich board signs and get the house ready (lights on in every room, everything fluffed).

Once I was in the house with the Open House signs up, as often happens, a couple of neighbours dropped by. One was very helpful: this is an estate sale and he knew the owner and often had been over, and so was able to provide me with the code for the garage door opener that I didn’t have before. Another was out canvassing in the neighbourhood and decided to ring the doorbell; he plans on dropping by on Sunday as well, I’m guessing with his wife.

I also used the trip to Stittsville (where the property is located) as an opportunity to put up another For Sale sign in the backyard, facing the golf course (this was a suggestion made to me by one of the visitors to last Sunday’s Open House). Sure enough, once it was up, I could see people tee-ing off at the 9th hole who were pointing at it and clearly discussing it.

Personally, I love Agent Open Houses. I take a book with me (or sometimes a manuscript that I’m working on as an author). Because it’s not as hectic as a weekend Open House, it’s a chance to actually catch my breath before the busy rest of my day.

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