#2 – Getting a house ready for sale — get ready for glitches!

As always, there are glitches in any reno project and getting my new listing ready for sale is no different. As I had mentioned, this gorgeous bungalow will be listed for sale later this week and it’s going to be featured on the December episode of my new Rogers TV Show, Ottawa Experts.  Micheline Masson of Property Staged is giving me a hand; so far, we’ve had the place painted, and Cedric Poon of Archipelago Contracting is there right now, replacing the kitchen linoleum.

Cedric discovered when he removed the linoleum that the subfloor was fine, but the glue that held down the linoleum was too thick to be scraped off easily, and the mortar he had purchased won’t bond to glue. The option he suggested was adding 1/8″ plywood to the floor, but that was going to be expensive in terms of labour and materials.

I called around and found out from the folks at the Tile Centre on Churchill that they sell a mortar that will bond to glue. This will still be an added expense but much less than the cost of plywood when it comes to the labour involved. Still, it meant that Cedric had to drive into town to pick up the mortar (28 Spyglass is in Stittsville) and that put us a little bit behind schedule.

About an hour ago, Micheline came over to my Westboro house and we raided my home of bedding, pillows, art and accessories to use in the staging. The funny thing is that I had no idea what colour scheme she had in mind: only that she had arranged for National Rent to Own to loan us a brown leather sofa and chairs. While I waited for her to arrive, I pulled out a bunch of brown, cream, green and blue accessories and it turns out they will work perfectly with what she had already planned: they’re exactly the same colours!

Tomorrow will be day 2 of tiling. On Wednesday, Cedric will finish grouting and putting back the baseboard trim; he’ll also hang the new light fixtures for me.

Then John Bennett from my office will lend a hand. Thanks to a friend of his who will loan us a truck, we’ll take over with some patio furniture (again, from my house) for the sunroom along with some other items. Then on Thursday comes the staging!

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