Rogers TV – Ottawa Experts: Real Estate

I spent an hour and a half in production with the crew at Rogers TV in Ottawa today (Cable 22) doing a practice run for the new show I’ll be hosting. Mark Arbique from Fortey Arbique and Cathy Macdonald ( joined me as did Micheline Masson, a home stager. What fun!

I have to go out and fix my makeup and try to remember how to close out the show a little better but on the whole, it went pretty smoothly! Interesting, trying to stickhandle callers, listening to the producer (there’s a running commentary going on in my ear as host as to how many seconds are remaining to break, or if we have a caller) and keep our conversation moving along.

Huge thanks to Sarah Grant for coaching all of us in how to do this properly (Sarah is terrific), Sean for handling the camera and getting our mikes and my earphone sorted out, and Ali for doing the floor production. I learned a ton!

Ottawa Experts: Real Estate will air on October 1, at 8 PM for a full hour . The next episode will be October 29, with future episodes every four weeks until February, 2013. Each week, we’ll explore a real estate topic from investing to renovating, financing, home inpections and so on. And it will be  a call-in show, so make a note of the number: 613 728-1001. Hope you’ll tune in on October 1!

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