Rogers TV Show — Ottawa Experts!

Thrilled to tell you that I’ll be hosting a show on Rogers TV (that’s Cable 22 in Ottawa) on real estate in Ottawa. It will be rotating with other segments on Monday nights at 8 PM. The series will  be called Ottawa Experts, and long with my show, the series will include one on work-life balance, one on employment and one with a psychic. Should be fun!

For my monthly segment, we’ll be using an “ask the expert” format with phone in questions. I expect we’ll discuss things like the challenges of downsizing; whether staging a house works, and what it costs; what to expect in the coming months in the housing market, whether it’s a good idea to buy vs. rent, and some of the new projects going on in our town. I’ll be joined each week by experts in these areas, and we’ll have some camera footage too.

I think probably each week will have a theme, but it’s all being worked out now. Video and photoshoot on August 28, then training starts on just how to do this. Lynne Whitehead, the producer, tells me that by the end of a month, I’ll know to produce my own show. How cool is that?

If you have other ideas, email me at or post a comment here; would love your input!

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