Lovely news! My own show!

I met with a producer at Rogers Cable TV in Ottawa today and it looks like I’ll be hosting a show on real estate, starting in October! This will be so much fun — we talked about setting it up the way I hold my real estate seminars, with three or four experts sitting around a table like Steve Paikin, chatting about the latest news.

I will be able to come up with themes: I’m thinking about one on the challenges of downsizing; maybe something on staging, and a feature on green homes and what some builders are doing in Ottawa. There may even be room to feature some of the women who have moved in more traditional areas like architecture and building.

Anyway, the staff have to throw it around and figure out how to do it, as there are some other shows they’re considering as well (including one with a psychic!), but our hope is that it can be an “ask-the-expert” format where you can call in with questions.

At my seminars currently (both on downsizing and first time buying), we have experts in law, mortgage financing, home inspections, and sometimes other areas too, and we always have a great time. (The next Lunch and Learn is on September 12; deets on my website,

Speaking of first time buyers, Patrick Langston has written a story in the Ottawa Citizen about the high expectations some can have, and he’s quoted me, as well as a psychologist and a TV host/realtor. Nice company to be in: great story, and thanks so much, Patrick!

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2 Responses to Lovely news! My own show!

  1. cbrci says:

    Congratulations on your show! I hope that you post a clip or two once it’s gone live. I especially like the idea of focusing on downsizing, I look forward to reading your posts on the topic as I would love to learn more on that topic.

  2. Peggy Blair says:

    I hope we can too, and thanks for your note! It’s a topic that I’m interested in too since so many of us are living in empty nests (and getting older). I’ll do some blogs on the topic as well. Cheers, Peggy

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