The Charity House Project – my first meeting with Habitat for Humanity

I met with the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity today, Donna Hicks, as well as her new Director of Community Engagement and the charity’s accountant to talk about my plans to buy a house and reno it, sell it, then donate the proceeds to charity.

The good news is that it looks as if the tax credit on a donation will offset capital gains taxes, so if I can get the house, we’re good to go!

The board, as it turns out, will be meeting tomorrow and Donna will discuss it with them to see what they think. If they give it a thumbs up, it’s about finding and buying the right house. I still like the one on Pinecrest, but if that’s not feasible (it’s in the hands of the Public Guardian which has refused all offers so far), I’m sure there will be others.

We discussed timelines. I’m thinking a closing in November so that we can do the work over the winter and get it on the market for late February, early March.  Habitat for Humanity has people they can send my way who may be able to help out with donations of time and supplies.

What I know we’re really going to need is a great bargain on windows, so if anyone out there can help, let me know. Fingers crossed — this is a project I would love to do, and it’s for such a great cause!  I’ll keep you posted.

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