Home Staging: Guest Blog by Interior Decorator, Laura Boisvert

Talented interior decorator, Laura Boisvert, guest blogs today on home staging. You know what I think of home staging — I’ve blogged a lot about how you really need to do it in this competitive marketplace. Laura explains why.


To Stage Or Not To Stage

Selling. Your. Home.

Do these three words evoke feelings of dread followed by a groan?  I always hear people say, “We didn’t realize how much work it was going to be.”

Of course the biggest part of the problem is that we like our home, or at the very least, we don’t mind it.  We like our furniture, we like our color choices, we don’t mind the pile of books on the dining room room table, we stopped noticing the leaky tap, and we haven’t really given the dying grass on the front lawn a second thought. 

Not to mention if you add just one more of your children’s arts and crafts projects to the fridge it may actually tilt over… but aren’t they talented?  Of course someone else wouldn’t notice or care either, right?  Ummmm…..NOT!

Harsh, I know, but so is the business of handing over your home to a stranger to live in.  The whole process can be very time consuming, emotionally draining, and full of highs and lows. 

So how can you make it a little easier on yourself?  Home staging!  Let me explain….

What is it?

Home Staging is the art of making your home appeal to the majority of people who walk through your door, which increases the chance of selling your home fast.  If you sell your home quickly there is no need to lower the price as weeks drag on because of lack of offers.  This means you have potentially put more money in your pocket.  It allows the potential buyer to connect with your home on their level. 

Imagine you walk into a house with lime green walls and family photos staring you in the face at every turn.  What if you walked through a kitchen and the counters were covered in small appliances, cereal boxes, and *gasp* crumbs!?  People need to feel like they can move right in and not have to erase memories of  home owners past. 

Why do it?

Home Staging has actually been proven statistically to sell homes at a higher price in less time.  I know you’ve watched those shows on television.  People are stressed – they can’t sell their home.  They call up a decorator who comes in, stages their home in two days and voila!  House has been sold. 

It doesn’t exactly work like that but the end result is the same.  The same house that was not selling has now sold simply because of home staging.  The results are obvious.  It is crucial to stage your home before you put it up for sale.

Home staging has also been shown to pay for itself – sometimes as much as ten times over!

Here is a recent experience that I would like to share-

There were two town homes on the same street for sale at the same time.  One was a two bedroom and one was a three bedroom.  All other features were similar in regards to square footage, lot size, flooring, finished basements, kitchens, bathrooms etc. 

The two bedroom was listed at $230,000 and was staged for sale.  The three bedroom was listed at $240,000 and was not staged for sale. 

The two bedroom ended up selling for $234,000 in two weeks!  The three bedroom finally sold for $232,000 in almost three months.  Unbelievable! 

Technically speaking the three bedroom should have sold for a lot more than the two bedroom but here’s the thing…  people will always pay more for a home that they feel connected to.

Who does it?

As a trained professional Interior Decorator I have both the experience, and resources at my fingertips to stage a home quickly and efficiently.  I understand that this is a stressful and emotional time for the home owner. 

De-cluttering can take days if you do it yourself simply because it’s very easy to get distracted and caught up reminiscing with memories which can make hours fly by.  I know what potential home buyers are looking for and what sells homes such as; color schemes, furniture placement, de-cluttering, and many other important factors.


There you go! Home staging has been proven to sell homes faster and for more money.  If you would like help staging your home, contact Laura at  info@lauraboisvert.com  Thanks, Laura!

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