Before and After shots

The person who I was going to set up a staging company with in Montreal is a realtor herself (as well as an accomplished singer and actor).  Thelma Farmer is with Innovative Real Estate in Halifax, but the name of this blog, Kiss and Sell, goes back to the plans we had some years back to transform homes. (I had the idea of using giant Mick Jagger type lips as a kind of “sold” stamp on projects!)

Thelma has just posted up some photographs of the renovation underway of her own townhouse in Dartmouth that I thought I’d pass along, because it shows how just changing the flooring in a house can make a huge difference.  (And removing heavy window coverings to let in light.)

A lot of people can’t see past an old, tired carpet but look at this transformation!

Beautiful job, Thelma — well done!

Now Thelma was lucky enough to find lovely “character” hardwood under the existing carpet and have it redone. If you aren’t quite so fortunate,  I wouldn’t want to speculate on the cost of this job in Nova Scotia but in Ottawa, you can find bamboo flooring for less than $3/sq ft and oak for less than $5/sq foot. Installation runs around $3/sq ft. 

So for a relatively small investment, you can change the appearance of a home dramatically, and improve its resale value at the same time!

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4 Responses to Before and After shots

  1. More, more, more. Love this stuff!

  2. Who doesn’t love before and after shots? I watch a lot of home reno/makeover shows and these shots are fantastic!

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