Inexpensive (but great) flooring!

I’ve done several renos over the past few years; both on my own properties and those that clients wanted to sell. A floor makes a huge impression on a buyer; if it’s gleaming, they notice. Sadly, if it sags, is scuffed or worn, they notice that too.

But many homesellers don’t want to invest in new flooring because they think it’s too expensive. Or they’re concerned that if they go for less expensive options, it will look cheap, so why bother?

Once again, there are great bargains to be had in the Ottawa area for high quality but inexpensive flooring.

Take a look at this flooring, which I put into a basement bathroom. The floor tiles are porcelain. They came from Emerald Tile, at the Emerald Plaza on Merivale. They were discontinued and for that reason I got a great deal. Price? $ 1 per tile; regular $ 12. Each tile was slightly larger than 12″ so that was less than $ 1/sq ft. And they look amazing in this custom bathroom.

Here is another reno job I did on a downtown condo for a client. The carpet in the unit was badly damaged and worn. I really wanted to update it with hardwood because that’s what buyers want. But because the floor was concrete underneath the existing carpet, we had to use “click” flooring. Rather then use laminate, I found the client engineered hardwood of a higher quality. That adds to resale value; laminate doesn’t.

Celebrity Flooring on Kaladar was moving to a new location and so I was able to get this dark oak engineered hardwood for only $2.59 per sq. ft, half the regular cost. (Even less, when Celebrity threw in a few extra boxes rather than move them.)

Now remember, in a condo, the condo corporation probably has specifications for underlays needed to cut down on noise. Be sure to check as these can be quite expensive. We paid an additional  $ .65 per sq ft for the underlay under the hardwood flooring. The underlay required under the ceramic tile we put in this unit was far more expensive than that, but luckily the spaces were small ones.

Make sure to factor that into the cost as well as installation. And remember that you will probably need to get approval from the condo corporation before you get started, too. They’ll want to know what you plan to install and how. (Contact the property manager for information.)

The tile we used in this unit to update the kitchen and bathrooms was gorgeous. It was only $ 1.25 a sq ft, again from Emerald Tile. (We also replaced the toilet for $ 120. That change by itself transformed this room.)

As for carpet, I went to Cash and Carry Carpet, which included the cost of removing existing carpet in their quote. For this lovely Berber carpet, we paid $ 2.75 per sq ft  inclusive of installation and the underpad.

For less than $ 1,000, we were able to carpet the master bedroom and its walk-in closet, a guest room, and all closets with a great-looking carpet. With all these changes, the condo sold within a week, for over asking.

So remember that flooring can make a huge impact, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Talk to your realtor about what changes you can make on a small budget and how they will increase the value of the property you plan to sell. 

Again, if you’re in the Ottawa area, I’d be happy to do a walk through with you  and offer you my advice.

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