Staging a Bedroom Inexpensively!

When I’m staging a house for a seller, I want the bedrooms to look spectacular. That means finding great linens. But bedding is expensive, right?

Not necessarily. I have found incredible bargains at some unlikely places.

Superstore, for example, often carries great bedding — duvets, comforters, pillow and bedskirts. If they don’t move quickly, they mark the prices way down. (I bought an absolutely gorgeous paisley comforter there –including sheets, bedskirt, and shams for –get this — $ 30!)

Another great place to check for discounts is at the Linen Chest in Pinecrest.  I bought the comforter and shams in the photograph below on sale for $ 80; the two neckrolls were $ 30 each (regular $ 80). The beige quilt (which came with shams) is from Rockland Textiles on Kaladar, which carries a wide range of them for around $ 100 in twin, double/queen and some king sizes.

Here’s another example of that exact same beige quilt, used to stage a much smaller basement bedroom. It’s layered with another great Rocklands Textile quilt and shams for a punch of colour. The neckroll also came from Rocklands ($20). 

I bought this gorgeous Bergman comforter at Linen Chest for $ 60; regular price $ 400. Once again, it’s mixed and matched with shams from Rockland Textiles.

HomeSense is another good place to check out. In this guestroom, the homeowners bought a bed-in-a-bag set there which I dressed up with a neckroll from Sears (Calvin Klein, on sale, half-price, $ 40) and a cushion I picked up at Zellers ($ 12). The second set of shams (the ones resting against the wall) are part of that beige Rockland Textile’s quilt set again, which shows you how versatile it is.

I try to always use four nice plump pillows. (Placing art above the bed is another trick; it always draws the eye.)

The home owners also bought new bedding for their  master bedroom, again from HomeSense. I added a green silk cushion for a little pizzaz. Cost? $ 15. 

So remember, your bedding doesn’t  have to be expensive; it just has to look expensive. And the nice thing about it is when you sell, you can take it with you!

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