Decorating on a Shoestring

Now a lot of people think that home decorating has to be expensive, but Dona Beauvais Gagne proves that wrong.

Here’s a picture of her living room, decorated for winter on a shoe-string budget.(I can imagine this same room with blue and green accents in the summer.)

The art deco table lamp on the white table beside that comfy-looking chair and ottoman was found in the garbage on a back road. It has a stylized deer on the base, which works well with the “rustic chic” of the room. (Dona had it rewired for $13.) She found the lamp shade at a lawn sale for $1. As for that big, comfy chair, she bought it at an estate sale for $15 and had it professionaly re-upholstered. The sectional was purchased, used, for $100.

Now not everyone has the time or Dona’s talent for finding bargains but there are plenty of places right here in Ottawa (and nearby) where bargains can be found. Stay tuned and I’ll introduce you to some of them. A home like this shows well, as the many dozens of comments posted to Dona’s Facebook page where she introduced us to her home can attest.

By the way, Dona owns a small business called “Camp Collectibles, Antiques & Vintage Goods… decorative finds.” She is open seasonally. If you’re out that way, you can find her store on Balm Beach Road, in Midland.

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2 Responses to Decorating on a Shoestring

  1. Nancy Josland Dalsin says:

    Well done Dona! Your home and store front windows always look amazing. You are one talented lady!

    • Anonymous says:

      Donna—classic shabby chic wins the day—-photography might just be your next career.
      Looking good “W-5”

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